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Happy (B)anniversary: One year on from the fracking moratorium

One year ago today, the Scottish Government took the plunge and announced a moratorium on shale gas fracking and coalbed methane. Although at the time there was a huge amount of evidence about the detrimental impacts on health, water pollution, … Continue reading

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UK Government is trying to stop divestment in England and Wales

You may have heard in the news that the UK Government is trying to clamp down on campaigns to divest local councils from fossil fuels and other dubious investments. The UK Government intends to stop local councils from passing policy … Continue reading

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Why we need to get active on air pollution

On Sunday we released our list of the most polluted streets in Scotland with St John’s Road in Edinburgh and Hope Street in Glasgow changing places at the top of this roll of shame. In our analysis we looked at … Continue reading

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Adair Turner On Debt, Banks and Dangers in the Economy at The David Hume Institute

Adair Turner was at the David Hume Institute last night (13 January 2016) to talk about his new book ‘Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance’. He said he’d summarise it in 40 minutes. Taking that a step … Continue reading

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Our time in Paris

There is something odd about being in a city and feeling at the centre of the action, but knowing that the real action is taking place only a few kilometres away – and you haven’t been invited. Whilst we sang … Continue reading

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Did the Paris climate agreement deliver what people need?

Friends of the Earth International, civil society groups, trade unions and community groups had agreed the ‘People’s Test on Climate‘ by which to judge the Paris talks back in June 2015. The test was effectively a series of demands to … Continue reading

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