Challenging money and power: fossil free short films

BP protest at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2015

Want to learn a bit more about fossil fuels, climate change, and the campaign to divest in Scotland?

We’ve pulled together this list of excellent short films you can watch right now:

Wake Up Freak Out

By Leo Murray, 12 minutes, 2008

The Shutdown

By Alan Bisset and Adam Stafford, 10 minutes, 2009

The End of Coal in Scotland

By Friends of the Earth Scotland, 4 minutes, 2016

BP out of the Edinbugh International Festival

By BP or not BP, 2 minutes, 2015

The Office for Just Transition

Climate Action Scotland, 2 minutes, 2016

Desmond Tutu on Climate Change

By Divest:Invest, 4 minutes, 2014

What is Fossil Free? Why Divest?

By, 2 minutes, 2015

Along with the feature ‘Divest! Have you Heard from Johannesburg?’ these films were shown at a film night organised by Divest Lothian and People & Planet Edinburgh called ‘Challenging Money & Power’.

If you’re based in Scotland and interested in hosting your own film night we can provide a licenced DVD copy of ‘Divest! Have you Heard from Johannesburg?’ along with help and advice for running a great film event. Just drop us an email at for details.

You can also find out more about our campaign for fossil fuel divestment on our website.

About Ric Lander

Ric Lander is Finance Campaigner at Friends of the Earth Scotland supporting their work to divest from fossil fuels and invest sustainably.
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