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Will there be change in the air after Brexit?

The seismic shocks after the earthquake of the EU referendum are showing no signs of easing, with the UK’s political parties in a mess, and Sturgeon here in Scotland exploring options to deliver on the Scottish people’s mandate to stay … Continue reading

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5 ideas to help Scotland leave the car behind

Our air pollution problem is mainly caused by traffic and our unhealthy relationship with the car, a relationship which the Scottish Government has fostered by spending millions every year on building new trunk roads and motorways, is creating a culture … Continue reading

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Closure of Longannet signals the end of fossil fuels

When the steam turbines at Longannet power station cease to turn some time tomorrow there will be no coal being burnt for electricity production anywhere in Scotland for the first time in at least 115 years. For a country which virtually invented … Continue reading

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Why we need to get active on air pollution

On Sunday we released our list of the most polluted streets in Scotland with St John’s Road in Edinburgh and Hope Street in Glasgow changing places at the top of this roll of shame. In our analysis we looked at … Continue reading

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Crunch time for the SNP on fracking

The Scottish Government has been markedly less enthusiastic about the development of unconventional gas and fracking than its UK counterpart. However, circumstances are conspiring to ensure that in the next few months, the SNP will have to finally come off … Continue reading

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