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Scotland needs to build on climate success

Last week brought the good news that Scotland had met its latest climate target, with real emissions of greenhouse gases 3% lower than the year before.   This is great progress and shows that we are firmly on track to meet … Continue reading

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Let’s be climate leaders in 2017

Many people would rather forget 2016 and its catalogue of mistakes, disasters and deaths. On the environment, we saw US President-Elect Trump start a witch hunt of climate scientists and propose putting climate sceptics and oil executives in charge of … Continue reading

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Marrakech blog – urgent action needed and still possible despite Trump

Yesterday at the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech a broad coalition of development, union, faith and environment groups laid out their analysis of where the world is heading and the urgent action that is needed to meet the targets agreed … Continue reading

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Nuclear – if only they would listen …

EDF today announced that they would extend the life of the nuclear reactors at Torness until 2030.  This announcement is hardly a surprise, everyone who knows anything about energy has been expecting this announcement for a decade.  The only surprise … Continue reading

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Nuclear power, still no thanks

I grew up in Devon and my father fought against the proposed new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in neighbouring Somerset, including attending the lengthy public inquiry in the late 1980s. Sadly, the government learnt from this experience and made sure the more recent public inquiry wasn’t allowed to talk about big issues like whether we actually need new nuclear reactors.

Nuclear is the ultimate unsustainable form of energy, leaving wastes which are dangerous for a thousand generations to come. During the first Hinkley inquiry I saw a poster stating ‘If the Romans had had nuclear reactors, we’d still be guarding the waste.’ I thought this was a great way to bring home the absurdity of nuclear. It was only later that I realised that of course the poster should really have said Cro-Magnon Man instead of the Romans, since we’ll need to be guarding that waste not for 2,000 years but for 25,000 years.
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The ghost of nuclear past

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in March this year, while ongoing, has slipped down the news agenda over the summer. It has been pushed outside our immediate attention by the economy and the News International hacking scandal. As late as today … Continue reading

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Fukushima update from Friends of the Earth US

This is news from our expert colleagues at Friends of the Earth US who have been closely monitoring the situation at Fukushima. Continue reading

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