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Closure of Longannet: End of coal, the beginning of the end for fossil fuels in Scotland

Find out more about our work to make Scotland fossil free within a generation at www.fossilfree.scot

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Where your money goes: the toxic toll of BHP Billiton in Borneo and Colombia

By Emilie Tricarico and Stuart Anderson BHP Billiton is the world’s largest mining company.  Partly based in the UK and funded by Scottish funds, including the Scottish Parliament own pension fund, it seemed an appropriate company to look at in … Continue reading

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Divest and reinvest: 6 local governments that are innovating for sustainability

By Stuart Anderson.  “The fossil fuel divestment movement is the fastest growing divestment campaign in history with over 500 active divestment campaigns underway at universities, cities, churches, banks, and other institutions.” – 350.org Over the past two years there has … Continue reading

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Volveremos: we’re back!

This morning a broad coalition of civil society groups from around the world symbolically walked back in to the UN Climate talks in Bonn. In December, we walked out of the talks – not the process – in Warsaw, in … Continue reading

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The Hunterston coal power proposal and access to environmental justice in Scotland

The Hunterston case was brought by Marco McGinty, a bird-watcher from Largs who visits the site on an almost daily basis. With the support from a number of NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Scotland, the local community and a solicitor called Frances McCArtney, Marco lodged a judicial review in September 2009 against the Scottish Government over the inclusion of Hunterston in the second National Planning Framework. Continue reading

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