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What went wrong with the banks and how to fix it

The Libor scandal has opened up some political space to push for a real shake up of our banking system. To inject some fresh thinking into discussions we have made an interactive presentation, which summarises some of the key problems … Continue reading

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RBS and Climate Week – who dumped who?

Good news in a guest post from Kev Smith at Platform, a group we’ve been working with on our Clean Up RBS campaign. News has reached us that RBS isn’t sponsoring the 2012 Climate Week, due to take place in … Continue reading

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Environmental campaigns and the public ‘zeitgeist’

I recently blogged about the importance of tapping into a certain public spirit or desire for change at a given point of time, to run a winnable campaign. This ‘zeitgeist’ was critical in explaining the success of the UK and … Continue reading

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Why the doubters are wrong about green jobs in Scotland

The Scotsman printed a two page spread in the lead up to the Scottish election warning that the SNP’s target for 100% renewable electricity by 2020 would ‘wreak significant damage on the Scottish Labour market’, citing as evidence a report … Continue reading

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