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Volveremos: we’re back!

This morning a broad coalition of civil society groups from around the world symbolically walked back in to the UN Climate talks in Bonn. In December, we walked out of the talks – not the process – in Warsaw, in … Continue reading

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Take action on big biomass in Scotland

At Friends of the Earth Scotland, we believe there is a space for small, community-owned biomass boilers making use of heat and using locally sourced wood. Continue reading

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The Hunterston coal power proposal and access to environmental justice in Scotland

The Hunterston case was brought by Marco McGinty, a bird-watcher from Largs who visits the site on an almost daily basis. With the support from a number of NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Scotland, the local community and a solicitor called Frances McCArtney, Marco lodged a judicial review in September 2009 against the Scottish Government over the inclusion of Hunterston in the second National Planning Framework. Continue reading

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The ghost of nuclear past

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in March this year, while ongoing, has slipped down the news agenda over the summer. It has been pushed outside our immediate attention by the economy and the News International hacking scandal. As late as today … Continue reading

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Campaigners get fired up over Leith Biomass power plant

Yesterday (17 February) we got to meet local Leith residents, who are up in arms about Forth Energy’s plan to build a new power plant at the Leith Docks. The plant will burn millions of tonnes of imported wood and … Continue reading

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The next stop on the No to Hunterston Roadshow

This Saturday we’ll be hitting the road (well, rails and water actually) and heading to Brodick, Arran, for the next stop on our ‘No to Hunterston’ Roadshow. We’ve been working with environment, poverty, faith and local campaigners to put on … Continue reading

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Big biomass – big problems

On the face of it biomass may seem like an attractive option to generate electricity and produce energy from heat. In reality biomass energy, especially large scale, creates more problems than it solves. Friends of the Earth Scotland have launched … Continue reading

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Will electricity market reform help secure the Power of Scotland?

Duncan McLaren reflects on big developments in energy matters. Last week, the UK Government published its consultation on reforms to the electricity market to help meet carbon, cost and security goals. At the big picture levels the reforms dramatically roll … Continue reading

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How much is 100%?

In the last week we’ve seen the Scottish Government raise its target for renewable energy generation to 80% of total Scottish consumption by 2020, and subsequently the First Minister claim that this level would be exceeded, and 100% or more … Continue reading

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Spill, baby, spill

While here in the UK we await the results of negotiations to secure a “strong and stable government”, the people of Louisiana, USA, are waking every morning to an even greater uncertainty: when will the Deepwater Horizon well stop spilling … Continue reading

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