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Splashes of green amongst the gloom: This year’s environmental victories for Scotland

For many of us, 2016 seemed like a particularly tough year. It brought some major environmental setbacks, culminating in the election of a new US president with an extremely regressive environmental agenda. However, this year was not all doom and … Continue reading

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Where your money goes: BP, corruption, spills, and “gross negligence”

By Emilie Tricarico “In a country where death, corruption and state terrorism are the law truth becomes a synonym for terrorism. Therefore solidarity is the strength that the powerless need.” These were the words Gilberto Torres spoke on his release … Continue reading

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Divest and reinvest: 6 local governments that are innovating for sustainability

By Stuart Anderson.  “The fossil fuel divestment movement is the fastest growing divestment campaign in history with over 500 active divestment campaigns underway at universities, cities, churches, banks, and other institutions.” – 350.org Over the past two years there has … Continue reading

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Volveremos: we’re back!

This morning a broad coalition of civil society groups from around the world symbolically walked back in to the UN Climate talks in Bonn. In December, we walked out of the talks – not the process – in Warsaw, in … Continue reading

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Nuclear power, still no thanks

I grew up in Devon and my father fought against the proposed new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in neighbouring Somerset, including attending the lengthy public inquiry in the late 1980s. Sadly, the government learnt from this experience and made sure the more recent public inquiry wasn’t allowed to talk about big issues like whether we actually need new nuclear reactors.

Nuclear is the ultimate unsustainable form of energy, leaving wastes which are dangerous for a thousand generations to come. During the first Hinkley inquiry I saw a poster stating ‘If the Romans had had nuclear reactors, we’d still be guarding the waste.’ I thought this was a great way to bring home the absurdity of nuclear. It was only later that I realised that of course the poster should really have said Cro-Magnon Man instead of the Romans, since we’ll need to be guarding that waste not for 2,000 years but for 25,000 years.
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Reaction to RBS Sustainability Report: ‘Deliberate Manipulation of the Truth’

Today the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are pleased to release their annual sustainability report.  However, when we scratch the surface, it does not truly reflect sustainability, and it does not accurately report all the facts. In 2012, RBS loaned … Continue reading

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The Hunterston coal power proposal and access to environmental justice in Scotland

The Hunterston case was brought by Marco McGinty, a bird-watcher from Largs who visits the site on an almost daily basis. With the support from a number of NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Scotland, the local community and a solicitor called Frances McCArtney, Marco lodged a judicial review in September 2009 against the Scottish Government over the inclusion of Hunterston in the second National Planning Framework. Continue reading

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The ghost of nuclear past

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in March this year, while ongoing, has slipped down the news agenda over the summer. It has been pushed outside our immediate attention by the economy and the News International hacking scandal. As late as today … Continue reading

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One week in post

My first week as Chief Executive is now past, and an eventful week it was too. viagra online pharmacy We held our annual AGM and hosted a conference on land rights over the weekend, both of which were well attended … Continue reading

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Coalition plan for nuclear subsidies exposed

The Coalition Agreement that formed the basis of the Conservative-Lib Dem Government last summer pledged to allow new nuclear power stations to be built ‘provided that they receive no public subsidy’. But MPs today echoed our own concerns that government’s Electricity Market Reform proposals will effectively provide subsidies to nuclear generators through new long term contracts and a carbon price floor that would hand them windfall profits. Continue reading

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